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Spirit, Heart, Land: two-spirit and Indigiqueer shorts

The short films in this program illuminate and celebrate queer Indigenaeity and Two Spirit lives, while calling to account the ways in which colonial heteronormativity continue to impact queer Indigenous and Two Spirit representations and lived realities. Natalie King artfully and
emotionally combines found footage of harmful portrayals of Indigenous peoples in contrast with images of contemporary Indigenous protest and rebellion, creating a work that captures the truth of a traumatic history as well as the desire and strength of Indigenous survival and resistance, in Activate NDN Consciousness. Thirza Cuthand ponders legacy, land and indigenous futures with humour and vulnerability in her experimental short film, Extractions. In Kama’āina (Child of the Land), sixteen year old Mahina flees her unsafe home environment and navigates life on the streets of Oahu, searching for a safe place to land until she eventually finds refuge, community and connection at the Pu’uhonua o Wai’anae––Hawaiʻi’s largest organized homeless encampment. HIV: Healing Inner Voices is a loving and uplifting testament to indigenous resilience and healing, exploring the effects of HIV stigma and discrimination within indigenous communities, through eight intimate interviews. And Chigualo is a gorgeous and complicated coming of age story, set during the annual Chigualo festival in coastal Ecuador. The festival is celebrated as a day when God does not look at the sins of the people, and ten year old Manu decides to use this day as an opportunity to step into her full self. These narratives honestly represent the ways in which colonialism revereberates through the lives if queer Indigenous and Two Spirit people, while also showing the resilience, creativity, and artistry of these filmmakers, their protagonists and communities.

Activate NDN Consciousness | Natalie King | Turtle Island | 2019 | 6 min | English
Extractions | Thirza Cuthand | Turtle Island | 2019 | 15 min | English
Kama’āina (Child of the Land) | Kimi Howl Lee | Hawaiʻi | 2020 | 15 min | English
HIV: Healing Inner Voices | Martin Moberg & Jada-Gabrielle Pape | Turtle Island | 2019 | 27 min | English
Chigualo | Christian Rojas | Ecuador | 2019 | 18 min | Spanish with English Subtitles

Please note that viewing is limited to BC only. 


Saturday 22 August 2020 at 5:00 pm
Community Partner
Urban Native Youth Association (UNYA)