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This intimate documentary follows one woman on her journey with her family back to the homeland that had once rejected her. Growing up in Kenya, where homosexuality is still criminalized, Faith was forced to keep her identity hidden. When she is targeted for being queer, she flees Kenya and seeks asylum in the U.S. where she builds a new life for herself. Years later, Faith, her Jewish wife Jenny, and their son Hayden travel back to Kenya for the first time together. Through interviews with Faith’s family and friends, this documentary paints a complex portrait of LGBTQ life in Kenya, and the sometimes uncomfortable culture shock and interpersonal dynamics of a mixed race, cross-cultural queer relationship. Audiences will be charmed by Faith and her family, and deeply moved by her journey to bridge her many worlds and bring them into the same universe.

This film is rated PG and shown in Swahili and English with English subtitles.

Director in attendance with Q&A following the screening.


Saturday 11 August 2018 at 5:00 pm
International Village—IV
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This presentation is a part of Migrant Voices, presented by
Carl Meadows and Les Dick
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