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Black History Month

Artwork by @shesaking

Out On Screen celebrates the work of BlaQ builders, makers, and creators for their underrepresented legacies and ongoing impact on the LGBTQT2IA+ community.

Black Queer artists too often face erasure from both Queer histories and the Canadian art canon. We honor the conductors and community builders who are examples of the power of artistic expression, building bridges, and sharing their inspirational gifts. They are a critical part of the work that connects us and demands us through representation to stand for inclusivity and accountability.

Their work is joy and laughter; it is pain and despair. It is empowering and inspiring, documenting the beauty in the nuance of the Black experience. Despite harmful exclusion from the mainstream, Black Queer contemporary artists create, educate, and narrate, challenging the status quo, gifting us with the influential foundations of Queer culture.

Join us this February to watch Keyboard Fantasies, Brother to Brother and Difficult Love—all available online until the end of the month. These incredible films were selected by Anoushka Ratnarajah, Artistic Director and Nya Lewis, VQFF Programmer.

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Please note that Keyboard Fantasies is a collaborative screening with VIFF and tickets are available on

Many thanks to @shesaking for creating this amazing artwork.