Network, meet new friends, connect and party!

Thank you for your interest in volunteering. We are always looking for great volunteers! We welcome volunteers from diverse backgrounds, abilities and experiences.

Volunteers are the backbone of every part of Out On Screen. You make the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and Out in Schools possible. Thank you so much!

Volunteers are recognized with one film ticket for each five hours of logged volunteer time, up to a maximum of 15 tickets.  Plus we host a wrap-party after the Festival each year.

Register as a volunteer

Please complete the form here to sign-up as a volunteer.  We’ll then be in touch with volunteer opportunities as they arise. If you have any questions you can email us.

Festival Volunteer Teams

Take a look at our festival volunteer roles below. 2017 Festival shifts will be available in July, 2017.

Accessibility & Greeter

You love interacting with the public and have a friendly and helpful manner. Assist patrons with disabilities and ensure all patrons are in the correct lineup and have their passes or ticket & membership on them before joining the lineups. You are patient and observant to your surroundings!

What to anticipate:

You get to wear a really cool Accessibility button and stand in a prominent potion welcoming patrons as they arrive, and check that everyone has their pass slip or ticket & membership for the film and direct patrons to the appropriate lines. Once the film has finished, you will also assist staff to ensure all patrons leave safely and have everything the need.

You will also be on the lookout for people with visible disabilities and offer them assistance. Working with Festival staff, you will also arrange for these patrons to enter the theatre first.

Box Office & Membership (including Passholders & Will Call)

You love handling cash and interacting with the public. Responsible for ticket and membership sales at your venue on the day of your shift. Accuracy is of utmost importance. You are able to guarantee that the guests have a great experience at your table and leave with enthusiasm for the upcoming film!

What to anticipate:

Box Office and Membership volunteers are responsible for counting and balancing the floats and daily cash sales. Will Call volunteers will assist patrons picking up tickets ordered online. Passholder volunteers will hand passholders their screening slip(s) and are generally the first face most patrons will see at the venue.

Line Control & Ticket Taker

You love interacting with the public and are happy standing around for long periods. Help to ensure patrons are in the correct lineups and tear and count tickets as patrons are let into theatre. Like to rip things in half!

What to anticipate:

You will check that everyone has their pass slip or ticket & membership for the film and direct patrons to the appropriate lines. An outgoing personality is a benefit.  If you’re not wanting the limelight, you can tear and count tickets as patrons are let into the theatre.

Parties & Special Events

You love parties and event planning. Everyone still talks about how you moved that theme party to the park next door after the neighbour complained. You’re a problem solver and you’re not afraid to get dirty for a beautiful final product. Plus, you love people.

What to anticipate:

Help set up the amazing parties that the Vancouver Queer Film Festival throws, perhaps drive around picking things up, then once the party starts rolling, you ensure everything goes smoothly.  Being available during the day, having serving it right and having a car would be an asset.

Setup and Strike

You like things to be short and sweet! You don’t mind getting a little dirty. Your passion is heavy lifting, fixing and building things. You might own tools and know how to use them.

What to anticipate:

Show up at the start of a screening and help set up and then come back to take down at the end of a screening, this could apply to helping with galas and parties.

Venue Coordinator

You are an experienced volunteer and are comfortable having more responsibilities. Directly support the Theatre Manager, supervise volunteers and ensure all volunteer forms are completed correctly and all cash fully accounted for. You are great at customer service and ensure that the other volunteers are creating a great experience for the filmgoers!

What to anticipate:

Managing the complete front of house scenarios for a particular venue, making sure things flow smoothly, safeguarding floats, confirming cash out reports & balance floats, liaising between patrons and venue, ensuring the shows run professionally and on time, supports the volunteers and ensures the up most experience for the patrons.


You like to hangout in dark spaces with people you have never met before. You don’t mind making sure people are where they need to be. You like to watch movies and ensure all patrons in the theatre have tickets or screening slips and are safe. You are able to create an atmosphere of FUN in the theatre space!

What to anticipate:

Familiarize yourself with the theatre, greet patrons and ensure they have the correct passes/tickets/membership. In case of emergencies; direct all patrons to the exits, assist with reserved seating, help with empty seat counts & assist patrons to them, use flashlight to direct latecomers to empty seats, report any issues to the Theatre Manager or Venue Coordinator, hand out promos or award ballots, perform a light cleaning of theatre between screenings.

Year Round Volunteer Teams



You have your full licence and maybe even your own car or truck. You know the roads of the Vancouver area. Have briefly dreamt of being a pizza delivery person!

What to anticipate:

Occasionally we need help transporting goods or people, having your own vehicle is an added bonus, we will reimburse you for mileage.

Graphic Designers

You love to design and have a creative eye! You have experience with adobe products (ie. Photoshop, Illustrator), you may have some website skills, deadlines are your best friend!

What to anticipate:

Occasionally throughout the year Out On Screen needs help designing new things or updating documents already in use. You can use our office or your own!

Guide & Copy Editors

You read Eats, Shoots and Leaves and have a strong opinion about it. When people don’t understand the difference between syntax and semantics you lose your mind. You know when to use a semi-colon and what irony really mean.

What to anticipate:

You police our style sheets and check our syntax, you don’t have to write or edit for content, most editing happens in May and June as we madly prepare our guide.  You can either work from home or come to the office to read and write, there may be a few when you will be called-upon outside of the festival.

Hospitality Committee

You have access to a vehicle and a clean driving record; you would be excited to chat with artists while on the road between airport, hotel and venues. Having Russian or Latvian language skills would be an asset.

What to anticipate:

Help us welcome visiting artists, and ensure they’re enjoying themselves, ensure that everyone has a fabulous time, and feels welcome at the Festival.

Office Partner

You are available during the day, you don’t find data entry a bore and you have good admin and computer experience or are looking to build on your skills in these areas. You are dedicated and skilled in the wizardry of office management. You get excited about stationery catalogues!

What to anticipate:

Year-round, Out on Screen requires volunteers who are reliable and flexible for a variety of tasks ranging from data entry, stuffing envelopes, filing, and running the occasional errand (“We’re out of stamps!”). We always need a handful of volunteers who can commit to a few hours in the office each week.  Between June and August our needs increase to a few volunteers per day.


Photographers must have their own photography equipment and a way to upload their photos. Videographers will use their own camera phone or digital recorder and post the films on YouTube.

What to anticipate:

Capture the magic of Out on Screen special events and share it with the world! This year, we’re inviting Videographers to display their video journalism skills by capturing our audience’s reactions to films.

Programming Committee

You love the Vancouver Film Festival and want to help select the program of films for that year. You enjoy watching Queer films and have no problem to give an honest critique. You secretly wish you could go back in time and have lunch with Siskel & Ebert.

What to anticipate:

Help program the annual festival and watch tons of screeners.

Social Medialite

You are attached to your phone and social media! You love Out On Screen and want everyone in the world to have the same love for us! You have a large following and are good at promoting events! You love attention!

What to anticipate:

You will join in with the festival social media, as well as your own. You will spend a significant amount of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, and other social media sites.

Street Team

You’re naturally outgoing, excited about the festival, and love meeting new people; talking to strangers is practically a hobby of yours! You’re not afraid to be loud, silly, and even a bit foolish in public. You are an extrovert through and through!

What to anticipate:

Out on Screen is going to be a visible part of events around the Metro Vancouver area to spread the word about our programs. These events include, but certainly are not limited to: Pride Weekend, Dyke March, Car Free Days, special screenings, co-presentations and more.  During the festival you will be dropping-off flyers at clubs and other public locations, doing some street chalking, and other tasks to keep Out on Screen in the spotlight!


You want to increase accessibility of the Festival to more communities. Can you read and write in another language? Do you know ASL (American Sign Language)? Do you want to increase accessibility of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival to all communities in the Lower Mainland? Great! 

What to anticipate:

Provide translation during Q&A’s at screenings, interpret for filmmakers attending events or interviews.

Got other special skills? Email our Volunteer Coordinator.