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Diversity + Inclusion. Invested Membership.

Results-Oriented Impact. Powerful Partnerships.


You get it. Leading companies understand the value of bold ideas, clear plans and proven results. So do we.

For more than 25 years, we’ve sharpened the clarity of our vision and the precision of our implementation. It has garnered us growing audiences and deepened impact. As we embark on an ambitious chapter of enhancement and expansion, we need the kind of corporate partners interested in visions as bold and results as real.

“What an outstanding line up of films. The films I saw challenged me, warmed me, taught me, filled me with a range of emotions. The honesty in programming and quality of films struck me deeply. The intergenerational, sexually and gender diverse audiences allowed me a window into queer culture that resonated with me. I can comfortably call myself queer and know that in the queer art world I have a place where I belong.”
Audience Survey Respondent, 2014

With 13,000+ audience members at 50+ events over 11 days, we are the second largest film festival in Vancouver. This means you can expect:

Expansive Brand Exposure

From exclusive gala-naming rights to signature awards, we offer a dynamic set of brand exposure opportunities. Your brand will be placed into the hands and onto the screens of those elusive culturally aware, tech-savvy audiences.

Broad Advertising Reach

Looking for the opportunity for your commercial to make it to the big screen? For your print ad to be placed in alongside Hollywood A-lister movies? Our screenings and Festival Guide have got you covered.

Direct Engagement with High-Value Niche Audiences

Our charismatic local business owners, community connectors and branch managers love the chance to grand-stand on stage for queer lives. Connecting the dots between your services and our audiences’ lives is only as far as the distance between the cinema stage and its seats.


13,000+ audience members

5,000+ guides distributed

7,000+ posters

1,000+ meaningful interactions at street team events

2,000+ party attendees

1,000+ panel, Q+A & workshop audience members

Creates Platform for Queer Experience + Art

  • Empowers voices still at the margins
  • Enables artists to highlight emerging or erased social issues
  • Creates a voice united by difference
  • Viewers are inspired to share their stories as the creators and subjects of art
  • Builds artists careers
  • People are offered the chance to become cultural producers
  • Gathers audience for queer artists
  • Raises awareness about systemic forms of exclusion, discrimination, denial of rights
  • Builds profile of queer artists
  • Validates contributions of queer individuals and communities
  • Instills a sense of normalcy
  • People are moved to create their own art about social change

Raises Awareness

  • Opens minds
  • Generates discussion on queer issues presented in the films
  • Broadens peoples’ understanding of what it means to be queer
  • Increases visibility of queer arts/communities
  • Raises awareness about queer communities
  • Builds empathy, curiosity and an acceptance of multiple perspectives
  • Breaks down stereotypes between queer communities
  • Builds intergenerational understanding
  • Builds intercultural understanding + relationships
  • Brings queers + their allies together
  • Promotes public dialogue

Builds + Strengthens Connection   

  • Combats social isolation
  • Holds space
  • Strengthens queer communities and social networks
  • Provides opportunities to strengthen social relationships
  • Builds resilience in queer communities
  • Increases queer health and well-being
  • Builds friendships
  • Connects + energizes queer art community
  • Community partners are able to engage audiences in the opportunity to take action
  • Shows examples of how political and social change occur
  • Frames policy conversations

Catalyzes Action

  • Moves people to volunteer/ donate
  • Creates varied opportunities to learn about and take part in civic engagement
  • Creates opportunities to learn about advocacy organizations and policy work to advance queer rights
  • Connects civil society organizations’ disparate initiatives on similar issues
  • Connects people to opportunities to be spokespeople in media
  • Creates connections along the intersections of queer communities
  • Builds allyship