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Media Release and Coverage Archives

2016 Releases

Media Release: Vancouver Queer Film Festival Announces 2016 Lineup
Media Release: Out on Screen Announces Spotlight Films at 28th Annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Media Release: Out on Screen Announces Dates for the 28th Annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival

2016 Coverage

SAD Mag | 22-Aug-16 | Review: First Girl I Loved at VQFF
Georgia Straight
| 22-Aug-16 | Joella Cabalu’s “It Runs in the Family” named best feature at VQFF 2016
Geist Magazine
| 22-Aug-16 | VQFF 2016: Lovesong
Review Vancouver
| 21-Aug-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Georgia Straight
| 20-Aug-16 | VQFF 2016: Kiki gives voice to the LGBT youth of New York City’s vibrant Kiki scene
Davie Village Post
| 18-Aug-16 | Queer Film Festival Delivers Powerful Cinema: Weekend Spotlights
Daily Xtra
| 18-Aug-16 | When young queers tell their elders’ stories
NovusTV |
18-Aug-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival on Novus TV
Breakfast Television
| 17-Aug-16 | How to Vogue Like Madonna’s Back-Up Dancers!
Daily Xtra
| 17-Aug-16 | How a Beyoncé concert in Brazil helped build queer community
17-Aug-16 | Madonna’s Blond Ambition Dancers Strike a Pose
Global News
| 17-Aug-16 | Madonna’s “Blonde Ambition” dancers strike their own pose on working with the star
Daily Xtra
| 17-Aug-16 | Out in Vancouver: Aug 18-23, 2016
Georgia Straight
| 16-Aug-16 | VQFF 2016: Strike a Pose allows Madonna’s dancers to tell the real truth or dare
CBC News
| 16-Aug-16 | Madonna dancers talk about the risk touring with pop idol
| 15-Aug-16 | In Vogue
Daily Hive
| 15-Aug-16 | Interview: Madonna’s backup dancers take centre stage in new documentary
CBC Arts
| 15-Aug-16 | These rising filmmakers are finally bringing two-spirited stories to the screen
Vancouver Presents!
| 14-Aug-16 | Our picks this week: three films not to miss at this year’s Vancouver Queer Film Festival
POV Magazine
| 14-Aug-16 | Review: ‘It Runs in the Family’
Georgia Straight
| 13-Aug-16 | VQFF 2016: Lesbian drama Summertime captures the fleeting beauty of La belle saison
Georgia Straight
| 12-Aug-16 | Vancouver filmmaker learns about Filipino LGBT acceptance in “It Runs in the Family”
Daily Xtra
| 12-Aug-16 | Can a gay man be attracted to a bisexual woman?
Room Magazine
| 12-Aug-16 | Queer Film Festival Reviews
POV Magazine
| 12-Aug-16 | Docs Screening in Canada this Week (Aug 12-18)
Georgia Straight
| 12-Aug-16 | Two killer lesbian-themed films to catch at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival this weekend
Daily Xtra
| 12-Aug-16 | A Filipino family’s coming out story
| 11-Aug-16 | From Activism to Glam, VQFF Elevates Diversity
Daily Xtra
| 11-Aug-16 | Aligarh rooted in India’s flip-flop on gay rights
Vancouver Arts Review
| 11-Aug-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: “Waiting for B” Director, Abigail Spindel
Daily Hive |
11-Aug-16 | 5 things to do in Vancouver today: Thursday, August 11
Daily Xtra
| 11-Aug-16 | Top picks for queer flicks at Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2016
PINQ.ca |
10-Aug-16 | Screen Queens, Part 2
MetroVan Independent News
| 10-Aug-16 | “It Runs in the Family” premieres in Vancouver
Vancouver Presents!
| 10-Aug-16 | Meet Cute refuses labels
| 09-Aug-16 | Reel People’s Picks for 28th Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Georgia Straight
| 09-Aug-16 | Chemsex documentary delves in the world of mixing drugs and gay sex
Davie Village Post
| 09-Aug-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival Kicks off with Summertime (La Belle Saison) Opening Film and Gala
Scout Magazine
| 09-Aug-16 | Scout List: Ten Things You Should Absolutely Do Between Now and Next Week
Daily Xtra
| 08-Aug-16 | Chemsex: sensationalist film or useful warning?
| 08-Aug-16 | Screen Queens, Part 1
Daily Xtra
| 05-Aug-16 | The steamiest scenes at the 2016 Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Regina Leader Post
| 04-Aug-16 | Queer Film Festival brings to screen wide range of experiences
APTN National News
| 04-Aug-16 | Vancouver queer festival features two spirit films and actors
Inside Vancouver
| 04-Aug-16 | The Vancouver Queer Film Festival Shines Its Spotlight August 11-21
Women in Film & Television
| 03-Aug-16 | “A personal obligation to share these stories”: Joella Cabalu and the making of her documentary It Runs in the Family 
Georgia Straight
| 03-Aug-16 | Week in Widescreen: Vancouver Queer Film Festival opens with Summertime
Vancouver Presents!
| 03-Aug-16 | Queer Film Festival documentary takes viewers on a queer family road trip
| 01-Aug-16 | Queer Film Festival
| 29-July-16 | Preview: Arianna
| 27-July-16 | Ricepaper interviews Joella Cabalu
Metro Living Zine
| 26-July-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival Announces 2016 Lineup
NSI Canada
| 25-July-16 | Kate Green’s Not a Stranger screens at Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Anthony Behind the Scenes |
14-July-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival Sets 2016 Lineup
Broadway World |
13-July-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival Sets 2016 Lineup
10-July-16 | The Quiet Pride of Queer and Trans Inuit in Canada’s Far North
Muskrat Magazine |
7-July-16 | Indigenous Voices and Black Lives Matter Share the Spotlight at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Broadway World
| 20-June-16 | 28th Vancouver Queer Film Festival Announces Spotlights
| 24-May-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Georgia Straight
| 16-May-16 | Week in widescreen: Picturing Mapplethorpe plus a musical movies mashup
Daily Xtra
| 12-May-16 | Why we should look at the pictures and remember Mapplethorpe
Vancity Buzz
 | 10-May-16 | 28th annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival returns in August
Broadway World
 | 10-May-16 | 28th Annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival to be Held in August
604 Now | 10-May-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2016
Georgia Straight 
| 09-May-16 | Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2016 to feature Beyoncé’s Brazilian Beyhive, Brokeback meets Rambo