Waiting for B (A Longa Espera)

Director: Paulo Cesar Toledo, Abigail Spindel

Country: Brazil

Language(s): Portuguese with English subtitles

Runtime: 71 min

Rating: PG

Festival year: 2016

Waiting for B (A Longa Espera)

Genre(s): Documentary
Spotlight(s): Black Lives Matter

Hey to all the Bey fans out there! To gain early entry to the Beyoncé show in São Paulo, Brazil, you can spend US$700, or you can get there early. As in two months early, like the collection of superfans featured in Waiting for B. Beyoncé’s line-up in the Brazilian megalopolis quickly morphs into a meeting place for youth who encounter all kinds of discrimination in other parts of their lives, but who find chosen family here—and in full drag. Paulo Cesar Toledo and Abigail Spindel deliver a compelling, thoroughly enjoyable portrait of an entire fan culture, where pop is powerful and twerking is both a physical and a political movement. Busting forth at the intersections of queer and pop culture, Waiting for B demonstrates Beyoncé’s global reach as a triumphant symbol for Black lives and resistance.

Screening sponsor: Dr Langston Raymond

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