Troublemakers Film Project: Troublemakers 2.0

Country: Canada

Runtime: 90 min

Rating: Youth-Rated (TBA)

Festival year: 2017



Sun Aug 13, 6:30pm

Troublemakers Film Project: Troublemakers 2.0

Genre(s): Documentary

Double Trouble: Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Reel Youth, and Love Intersections teamed up for a matchmaking project pairing aspiring youth filmmakers and troublemaking seniors. The results of these fruitful unions are short documentaries profiling seniors whose work spans generations. Come celebrate these conspirators! Special thanks to Vancouver Foundation’s Fresh Voices and Fostering Change programs.

Troublemakers: Javier Barajas, Natasha Barsotti, Josie Boyce, Roger Chin, Dave Decarlo, John Dub, Fatima Jaffer, Veronique Noelle, Keith Oberding, Kasey Reese

Youth: Heather Addison, Mohamed Ibrahim Ali, Desaraigh Byers, Kweegay iiwans, Ruby Liu, Drew Neill Leitz, Amar Mangat, Han Pham, Shanelle Sham, Sabrina Guzman Skotnitsky, Pieta Rupia, Moe Yang

Spotlight Partner: SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs

With Special Thanks To: Cadillac Fairview, Love Intersections, Reel Youth, SFU – School for the Contemporary Arts

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.

Ce projet est financé en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.