Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders

Director: Lonny Shavelson

Country: USA

Runtime: 84 min

Rating: PG

Festival year: 2015

Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders

Genre(s): Documentary, Family

In one of the most thoughtful documentaries on gender non-conformity we’ve seen, director Lonny Shavelson offers us an inspirational and loving essay on the multiplicity of genders outside the binary. A landmark contribution to cinema on genderqueer, gender variant and gender non-conforming identities, Three to Infinity bears touching testimony from parents and partners, and exceptional individuals living beyond the gender binary who are forging new paths towards authentic, accepted lives.

Post-film Q&A with Director + Cast member:
Lonny Shavelson
Johnnie Pratt

About the director(s)

LonnyShavelsonLonny Shavelson is a documentary filmmaker, photojournalist, public radio reporter and author —most recently producer/director of the feature documentary film, Three to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders. Shavelson has written and photographed for numerous publications, from The New York Times to Mother Jones, and his radio and multimedia stories have aired on NPR, BBC/PRI’s The World and other shows nationally. He is the author and photographer of six books.