Geopolitics of Queer, The

Runtime: 90 min

Festival year: 2017



Sun Aug 13, 6:30pm
International Village

Geopolitics of Queer, The

Genre(s): Documentary, Drama

Often audience favourites, international docs allow us to deepen our understanding of the world and our own roles within it. But how many of these films are made by directors from their subjects’ nations or communities? These questions have been increasingly vocalized in film communities, and have even prompted the hashtag #DocsSoWhite (a riff on #OscarsSoWhite)

Included in our Experiential Lens: Filmmakers of Colour Spotlight, The Geopolitics of Queer honours films (three documentaries, one docu-drama and one narrative) made by filmmakers who have direct connections to the people and stories featured in their films.


Fawzia Mirza, cast member of Poshida and The Streets are Ours, in attendance.

Director Faizan Fiaz of Poshida in attendance.


Screening Sponsors: Be the Change Group Inc.,

Preceded by:

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Faizan Fiaz | Pakistan | 2017 | 29 min
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