Spa Night

Director: Andrew Ahn

Country: USA

Language(s): English and Korean with English Subtitles

Runtime: 97 min

Rating: 14A

Festival year: 2016

Spa Night

Genre(s): Drama
Spotlight(s): Hope and Love Last Longer

Spa Night is Andrew Ahn’s second film to premiere at Sundance Film Festival (after Dol) to great reception. Inspired by Ahn’s own personal experiences, this nuanced family drama brings the struggle of the American Dream to the forefront. David (played by Joe Seo), the only son of a Korean-American family, struggles with his identity, torn between what his parents want him to do and his own curiosities. While watching his parents wrestle to make ends meet, David takes a job at a Korean spa. The spa is a character of its own, where David learns that the place where he scrubs his father’s back is also a popular location for men to engage in sex. This dreamy, poignant family drama delivers much more than stunning images of LA and the ambiance of the spa. As Variety describes, “Spa Night serves as an homage to the sacrifices first-generation immigrants made … expanding the concept of ‘pride’ far beyond its protagonist’s gay identity.”