Seventeen (Siebzehn)

Director: Monja Art

Country: Austria

Runtime: 109 min

Rating: 14A

Festival year: 2017



Thu Aug 17, 9:00pm
International Village

Seventeen (Siebzehn)

Genre(s): Date Night, Drama

Monja Art’s debut feature film dishes up a classic, yet remarkably unique love triangle. In small-town Austria, Paula secretly swoons over shy and gentle Charlotte during the final weeks of high school before summer break. Meanwhile, the school’s mean girl, Lilly, takes a very vocal and gossipy interest in Paula. Caught between an unobtainable crush on one hand and predator-like attention on the other, Paula explores her feelings and sexuality in brave and uncertain ways.

Beautifully shot, with a mix in intimate close ups and panoramic views, Monja Art took home the prestigious 2017 Max Ophüls Prize largely for cinematography. Seventeen undeniably shows the sexual openness, fast-paced, hopeful yearning of youth.

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