Director: Nick Corporon

Country: USA

Runtime: 98 min

Rating: 14A

Festival year: 2016


Genre(s): Date Night

How do you make sure you’ll never forget the happiest moments of your life? A mysterious middle-aged man picks up a young, vibrant hustler in San Francisco with the intention of going on a road trip to the Grand Canyon—and, by extension, memory lane. Jonathan wants his escort to go by the name “Brandon,” as they try (with uneven success) to make the best of a journey that’s part fantasy and part reality. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Grand Canyon, Retake is a meditation on grief and loneliness, the intimacies of sexual labour, and the possibility that sometimes the best closure is a wide-open cavern. A loving exploration of what it takes to move gently forward.

Screening Sponsor: Plane Creative