Director: Richard Fung

Country: Canada

Runtime: 68 min

Rating: PG

Festival year: 2016


Genre(s): Documentary
Spotlight(s): Catalysts

“We had to prove we exist as a gay Asian community.” In 1984, the pioneering video artist, cultural theorist and activist Richard Fung brought us a groundbreaking documentary, Orientations: Lesbian and Gay Asians. Thirty years later, in Re:Orientations, he revisits seven of the original subjects for a fascinating, intersectional exploration of race, class and more. Fung captures rich reflections on aging, connectedness, marriage, desire, solidarity work, and the questioning and curiosity involved in his subjects’ efforts to change the world. Of course, none of this would feel complete without the voices of the younger generation, so Re:Orientations introduces us to several young queer Asians who are bringing new commitment to queer spaces and the activist tradition of those who went before them.

Post-film Q&A with Director:
Richard Fung

Screening Sponsor: Be the Change Group Inc., Delta Airlines