Real Boy

Director: Shaleece Haas

Country: USA

Runtime: 72 min

Rating: PG

Festival year: 2016

Real Boy

Real Boy is the coming-of-age story of Bennett Wallace, a transgender teenager in California on a journey to find his voice—as a musician, a friend, a son, and a man. As he navigates the ups and downs of young adulthood, he must also work to gain the love and support of his mother, who has deep misgivings about her child’s transition. Along the way, Bennett forges a powerful friendship with his idol, Joe Stevens, a celebrated transgender musician with his own demons to fight. Their relationship is a poignant reminder of the positive influences of friendship and mentorship. Real Boy shows us that every transformative journey brings both difficult and magical moments—the stuff of a great folk song.

The Directors and Milan and his family of the preceding short, Handsome and Majestic, will be in attendance for a post-film Q+A.

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