Play the Devil

Director: Maria Govan

Country: Trinidad and Tobago, USA

Runtime: 89 min

Rating: PG

Festival year: 2017



Mon Aug 14, 9:00pm
International Village

Play the Devil

Genre(s): Drama

The mountain beauty of Paramin village in Trinidad and Tobago, along with the pulsating rhythm of Carnival, serves as a backdrop to this story where aspirations and obsession collide. Headstrong eighteen-year-old Gregory is studying furiously to obtain a scholarship in medicine so he can one day provide for his family. Amidst academic and home pressures, Gregory manages to pursue creative passions: photography, dance, and theatre. It is during one of his enthralling stage performances that wealthy, married businessman James takes a keen interest in him.

This sophomore film from director Maria Govan shatters conventions of sexuality, privilege, and masculinity to tell a multi-layered coming-of-age story that is bound to leave you thinking. “The Caribbean, in general, is so misunderstood and clichéd, and yet there is so much history, diversity and complexity to our region,” says Govan.  Her directorial vision thus far has earned her awards at film festivals in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Woodstock.

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