North Mountain

Director: Bretten Hannam

Country: Canada

Language(s): English

Runtime: 75 min

Rating: 14A

Festival year: 2016

North Mountain

Genre(s): Drama
Spotlight(s): Two-Spirit REELness

Winner of the Best Feature Film at the Screen Nova Scotia Awards, North Mountain is a Two-Spirit action thriller filmed in the snowy winterlands of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, by rising Métis filmmaker Bretten Hannam. Young hunter Wolf (played by the gorgeous Justin Rain) finds Crane (acclaimed actor Glen Gould), a mysterious older fugitive wounded in the woods, and nurses him back to health. Wolf becomes embroiled in Crane’s past as a slew of sideways cops seek revenge. Billed as Brokeback Mountain meets Rambo, the film experiments with genre, fluidly taking shape as Wolf and Crane hold their ground while their collective pasts return to haunt them amid the terror of the present. Filled with queer hunter brawls, bloody hatchets and arrows, and brave plot twists, North Mountain is a refreshing, Tarantino-esque action thriller rimmed with threads of romance.

Post-film Q&A with Director:
Bretten Hannam

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