Director: Sara Jordenö

Country: Sweden/USA

Runtime: 94 min

Rating: PG

Festival year: 2016


Welcome to the wonderland of the Kiki scene, where everyone is unique and “everything is in transition”. Kiki is a project by director Sara Jordenö and writer Twiggy Pucci Garçon, providing a glimpse into New York’s newest generation of Black LGBTQ+ youth in all their fabulous and ferocious, game-changing glory. Part homage to Paris is Burning, Kiki is the reminder that the ball scene was not a phenomenon, but the bustling source of a trans* and queer celebration of bodies and identities, and one that continues in its own explosive full force.

Kiki showcases the personal stories of seven youth of colour as they show and tell their experiences of coming-of-age in New York City. The Kiki underground vogue/ballroom scene is a stepping-stone for youth interested in ball culture who are developing their skills for heightened level of competition. As the houses battle gorgeously across dance floors, stages, and the piers of New York City, the film also shows their fight to matter while the harsh realities of gentrification and police brutality threaten their journeys. Part of the inspiration in Kiki comes from an awe-inspiring glimpse into the informal networks of youth-driven leadership, mentorship, support, and refuge in the scene. With a driving score by ballroom DJ MikeQ and his Qween Beat label-mates, Kiki offers a portrait of hope, strength, resilience and the myriad possibilities that come with queer and trans* youth owning their futures.

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