It Runs in the Family

Director: Joella Cabalu

Country: Canada

Runtime: 46 min

Rating: G

Festival year: 2016

It Runs in the Family

Genre(s): Documentary
Spotlight(s): Women Transforming Cinema

Ever wonder what it would be like to search for all the queers in your extended family?

After gay Filipino-Canadian artist Jay Cabalu comes out to his family, he discovers he isn’t alone. He and his sister, local filmmaker Joella Cabalu, decide to set out on a quest to meet their queer relatives, from Vancouver to California and then to Manila. The siblings’ conversations with these reconnected family members offer significant insight into their shared struggles: reconciling queerness with Catholicism and family, and the ephemeral, evolving search for queer heritage. As an artist, Jay also brings beautiful visual renderings to his own journey—a journey that ended up inspiring a touching, fascinating family reunion.

Director Joella Cabalu, Producer Cari Green, and Jay Cabalu in attendence

Screening Sponsor: Be the Change Group Inc., Scotiabank

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