In The Turn

Director: Erica Tremblay

Country: USA/Canada

Runtime: 113 min

Rating: PG

Festival year: 2015

In The Turn

Effervescent with hope, In the Turn centres on 10-year-old Crystal in Timmins, Ontario, whose experience of chilling social isolation and bullying at school begins to change once she finds friendship and community in the Vagine Regime. They’re a kick-ass international queer roller derby team that (unlike Crystal’s school sports teams) is trans*-inclusive, and they welcome Crystal with open arms. As organizer Alex Krosney describes it: “Imagine spending your entire life keeping quiet about a huge part of yourself, then suddenly literally tumbling into a community of people who shout so loud about it that you can’t keep it down.” The film pivots to the experiences of the grassroots community that is the Vagine Regime and how members reach out to support Crystal. This heart-tugging documentary demonstrates how a small but mighty group are lead jammers in the movement for trans*-inclusive policies in sport. The VQFF is thrilled to host director Erica Tremblay, Crystal and her mother Karen as special guests for this Vancouver premiere of one of the most buzzed-about films of the year.

Post-film Q&A with Director and Cast:

Erica Tremblay
Crystal + Karen