In Particular, barbara findlay

Director: Becca Plucer

Country: Canada

Runtime: 54 min

Rating: 14A

Festival year: 2016

In Particular, barbara findlay

A moving tribute to Vancouver-based, feminist and unlearning-oppression lawyer barbara findlay, who continues to make “the world shake around her” as she fights for queer and trans* justice and equality. This compelling portrait shines a light on 40 years of experiences that have helped to define her, from growing up in Regina, and the “utterly common” injustice of being sent to a psychiatric asylum for her sexuality, to her decision to pursue law school at a time when few women dared to enter the profession. Her life is an inspiration, and her defiant realization is potent: “There was nothing wrong with me, there was something wrong with the world.” One of her essential skills is building a community of allies, friends, and clients (many of whom are also featured, including Sadie Kuehn, Kimberly Nixon, Gayle Roberts, and Tru Wilson). The VQFF is bringing In Particular, barbara findlay back to Vancouver audiences based on popular demand. It’ll be a transformative evening and a vital reminder of the importance of our queer histories.

Director Becca Plucer and barbara findlay in attendance, with many special guests for a post-screening discussion

Screening Sponsors: Cineplex, West End Business Improvement Association