Director: Maura Anderson

Country: USA

Runtime: 98 min

Rating: 14A

Festival year: 2017



Fri Aug 11, 9:00pm


Genre(s): Drama

Following the tragic death of her partner, Lauren retreats to her childhood home in Oklahoma reuniting her with her sweet but less-than-accepting mother, played by actress Beth Grant—known for playing conservatives and religious zealots (Little Miss Sunshine, The Mindy Project). The arrival of young wine entrepreneur Carrie—played by Laura Spencer (Big Bang Theory, Bones)—rouses Lauren from her grief. However, Carrie may be the last woman Lauren should develop a crush on. Heartland is a satisfying contemporary take on a forbidden lesbian love drama.

This crowd-funded independent drama is the debut feature for Maura Anderson, an emerging director who has built her career doing everything from casting to producing horror films. Anderson saw her premiere at the 2016 Cinequest Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award for Narrative Drama, and has since gone on to play countless festivals around the world.

Screening Sponsors: Be the Change Group Inc., Vancouver Frontrunners