Front Cover

Director: Raymond Yeung

Country: USA

Runtime: 86 min

Rating: 14A

Festival year: 2016

Front Cover

Genre(s): Drama
Spotlight(s): Hope and Love Last Longer

When Ryan (Jake Choi), a Chinese-American fashion stylist in New York who feels disconnected from his ethnic heritage, is assigned a photo shoot with Ning (James Chen), a famous Beijing actor, things get off to a rocky start.

Although Ning demands an Asian stylist, Ryan doesn’t meet his stringent requirements. Ning views Ryan’s rejection of traditional Chinese ideals and his homosexuality as “abnormal”. The two eventually develop a bond, however, and start to see versions of themselves in each other.

Directed by Raymond Yeung in his first feature film since 2006’s Cut Sleeve Boys, Front Cover delicately balances the tension between two men. Refreshingly, Front Cover stands out for its rejection of Asian stereotypes around relationships and family, and pleases as a perfect date night film as Ryan and Ning discover they have more in common than they thought.

Post-film Q&A with Director (both screenings):
Ray Yeung

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