Dream Boat

Director: Tristan Milewski

Country: Germany

Runtime: 92 min

Festival year: 2017



Sun Aug 13, 9:00pm
International Village

Dream Boat

Genre(s): Documentary

Dream Boat is an annual gay cruise that promises seven days of fun, sun, and two-thousand nearly-naked men. But beneath the speedos, lies a host of tender stories. In one way or another, the Dream Boat cruisers have complicated and varied identities, families, relationships, and desires. There’s buff, Polish-born, Marek, who underneath his muscled body just wants to be loved. Dipankar, an Indian living in Dubai, begins to feel lonely despite partying with thousands of men. Philippe finds himself the sole user of a wheelchair on the ship. Palestinian Ramzi travels with his Belgian partner, both celebrating the latter’s recovery from cancer. Finally there’s Martin from Austria, who’s navigating hooking-up while living with HIV. While gorgeous to watch, Dream Boat challenges the idea that men’s party culture is vacuous or unfeeling.

Canadian Premiere

Screening Sponsors: Davie Village Post, Delta Air Lines