Director: Travis Mathews

Country: USA

Runtime: 80 min

Festival year: 2017



Mon Aug 14, 7:00pm
International Village


For anyone who has accused queer cinema of becoming too mainstream, this film is for you! Director Travis Mathews (Interior Leather, Bar, and I Want Your Love) positions a kinky gay survivor of childhood abuse as an unlikely and utterly compelling protagonist. Alex returns to his hometown in rural Texas, reuniting with hurtful memories and estranged family. His search for answers and healing attracts a cast of unusual people into his life, including a strange local teenager, a spiritual YouTube star, anonymous fetish online hookups, and a menacing, shattered man from his past.

Discreet has an undeniable David Lynch-ian, cult-classic in the making aesthetic. This film is both transgressive and keenly sincere in its portrayal of trauma, masculine vulnerability, and the systemic failures of modern-day America.

Canadian Premiere

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