Director: Max Gogarty, William Fairman

Country: UK

Runtime: 83 min

Festival year: 2016


Genre(s): Documentary

It looks like a bunch of greedy promiscuous gay boys going out and having sex on drugs. It’s more complicated than that. –Dr. David Stuart

As the practice of chemsex (mixing drugs with sex) has increased, it seems everyone has an opinion on it, both inside and outside of the gay community. VICE directors Max Gogarty and William Fairman focus on participants in a 56 Dean Street Sexual Health Clinic program (led by special guest Dr. David Stuart) who wished to share their experiences to help others similarly struggling with chemsex. With candid footage of participants’ engagement with the chemsex scene, images of drug use (injection and otherwise) and sex, the film offers an opportunity for more conversations about intimacy, HIV, and wellness.

Followed by a Q&A with visiting guest Dr. David Stuart of London’s 56 Dean St Clinic, and a panel discussion with some of Vancouver’s leading health workers.

Please note: graphic images of injection drug-use, BDSM and sex

Screening Sponsor: Hastings Crossing BIA