Director: Carlo Lavagna

Country: Italy

Language(s): Italian with English subtitles

Runtime: 84 min

Festival year: 2016


Genre(s): Drama
Spotlight(s): Many Splendours Genders

In the first scene of Arianna, the captivating protagonist shares that she was born three times. It’s in the hazy summer before her third rebirth that the film takes place, as Arianna (Ondina Quadri) and her parents travel to their country home, where a host of memories await. As the family prepares to leave, Arianna insists on staying behind for the rest of the season.

Ondina Quadri is a revelation as the young woman who, at 19 years old, hasn’t had her period yet and is longing for the kind of sexual liaisons her cousin is having. Despite modest gains in her breast size due to hormones from specialists recommended by her doctor dad, Arianna is convinced there’s something wrong with her. As she watches the other young adults frolic around the countryside, she is motivated by an insatiable yearning to feel something new.

With gorgeous cinematography that owes much of its sparkling tones to the setting of Lake Bolsena, Arianna is a stylish, skilfully crafted rumination on the decisions that are made for us.

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