195 Lewis

Director: Chanelle Aponte Pearson

Country: USA

Runtime: 60 min

Festival year: 2017



Sat Aug 19, 9:30pm
York Theatre

195 Lewis

Genre(s): Drama

Race, queerness and polyamory are investigated with honesty and affection in this award-winning web series turned international film festival hit. Director Chanelle Aponte Pearson sets out to represent Bed-Stuy as she sees it: Black, queer, and home to the activists and artists that make the neighbourhood vibrant and unique. Bronx-bred, and Brooklyn-based herself, Aponte Pearson allows her audiences to feel completely immersed in the complex, sexy, and inherently political world of 195 Lewis.

Watch the first five episodes and see for yourself why this series won an Independent Filmmaker Project Award—episodes will be complimented with pop-up performances by local poets Tiare Kela Jung, Kona KatranyaJillian Christmas, and Adèle Barclay. Total running time: 90 minutes

Screening Sponsors: 24 Frames, The Cultch