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Our program rivals heavyweights in the international landscape of queer cinema.

A new flourishing in the realm of queer cinema is afoot. With each passing year, the mainstream and international festival circuit grow more interested in the representation of LGBTQ lives. As investment in these stories increases, so does their aesthetic perspicuity, refined production quality, nuanced character development and in turn- broader competition for these works. We court and secure a range of exceptional works of unparalleled artistic excellence while simultaneously advancing our focus on representation of marginalized voices within queer cinema. We compete against major players to bring works that premiere at Cannes, Berlinale and Sundance.

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3 Year Strategic Priorities


Festival programming to create unforgettable experiences that combine riveting cinema with heart-stopping performances and parties that transport audiences beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.


our programs to include community-based queer arts projects that empower those LGBTQ people facing significant barriers to share their stories and advocate for change.


our ability to raise awareness and catalyze civic engagement in community organizations and social change initiatives.

We wouldn't have made it this far without visionary philanthropists like you.

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