Our fabulous photographers, who took beautiful photos even in the darkest of theaters, worked so hard to document the 28th annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival for us! We were fortunate to have some incredible talent shared with us, and immeasurable hours of commitment from the following photographers:

Deepak Chauhan Instagram | Facebook 13914155_10154334091064070_1568959994873973060_o

Angelika Kagan Website | Facebook 13987579_10154334093619070_5706821841573375639_o


The VANDOCUMENT team – Ash Tanasiychuk and Lukas Engelhardt Website | Facebook | Twitter 29

Youn Park of Cakewalk Media, with Lindsay’s Diet Website | Facebook Cakewalk212334IMG_6120

Kaeleigh Evans 14

And thank you to our volunteer photographers: Joshua Florence, August Bramhoff, Krista McMillan, Marie-Catherine Massie, Sasha Chee, and Coline Debray!