OiS SSC Tour Postcard
Brandon, Gavin, and Felony (our canine companion) just came back from a week on the Sunshine Coast, a beautiful destination for Out in Schools’ first tour of 2016.
We made 13 presentations to 13 schools and reached 1,469 students in five days. That’s 44% of all students in the entire Sunshine Coast School District! We received such a warm welcome from everywhere we visited, and we’re honoured to have reached so many students
We spent Pink Shirt Day (February 24th) with our new friends in Sechelt, and–as you can see in the bottom right of the picture above–everyone dressed to impress.
Sadly, our tour solicited some unwanted attention from a few folks who began protesting outside a local high school with signs that read “There are only two genders”. But even more people from the community stepped up to show what love really looks like and held their own counterprotest.
OiS SSC Tour 2016 - Gibsons Counterprotest

We received some lovely messages from parents and teachers about our presentations:

“Thanks for hitting the Sunshine Coast! My 11 year daughter came from school raving about the presentation. Then she saw you at Sima Sushi in Sechelt and wanted to go over and say hi but she was too shy. Thanks for opening her eyes a little more, she even taught her mama a few things.” – Parent
“Just wanted to thank you for an amazing, well-delivered presentation to my kids yesterday. It was funny, thoughtful, interesting and informative. The kids felt comfortable and interested. An excellent mix of clips, discussion, terms, film… just super!  (I wish my teaching days could be 6 hours of that!). Thank you.” – Teacher
Stay tuned for a full tour report in the coming months!