Join us in giving a standing ovation to our Programming Committee members who have watched countless movies and helped us put together this year’s fabulous collection of features and shorts! Hear what they have to say about their favourites below. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels to see more of these great titles! Program goes live on Thursday, July 16 along with Early Bird Scotiabank Super Passes. Regular tickets and six-packs on sale July 23. visit: mention: @queerfilmfest on twitter | instagram like:


Four Moons (Cuatro Lunas)

Few things warm my heart more than high quality queer romantic comedy–but the great ensemble cast of ‘Four Moons’ accomplished just that. There’s something for everyone in these four vignettes, which paint a lush picture of life and identity in four very different ‘phases’.
I’m so happy that ‘Four Moons’ is coming to VQFF 2015 and can’t wait to see it on the big screen!
-Kelly, Programming Committee member

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist

“I liked this movie because it’s a smart latte of a comedy drama about navigating lesbian love in an increasingly complicated LGBT world. But it’s also about something more universal. It’s about finding The One and realizing she might not be The Only One. It’s wonderfully fresh and inventive with characters you’d like to spend time with long after the movie’s over. It’s that rarest of films: a seriously funny, thoughtful and poignant comedy.”

– Chris, Programming Committee member

The Cult of JT LeRoy

The Cult of JT Leroy is not a warm and fuzzy film. It raises some important issues and, to me, is the documentary highlight of this year’s Vancouver Queer Film Festival. Because author JT Leroy was a 15-year-old HIV-positive male prostitute who was on the verge of transitioning, JT was hailed as a fresh, authentic voice. It begs the question: how does our perception of artists affect our response to their art? Although I already knew something about JT Leroy, I learned a lot more from this meticulous documentary.

– Carmen, Programming Committee member