Join us in giving another standing ovation to our Programming Committee members who have watched countless movies and helped us put together this year’s fabulous collection of features and shorts! Hear what they have to say about their favourites below.

Stay tuned to our website and social media channels to see more of these great titles! Program goes live on Thursday, July 16 along with Early Bird Scotiabank Super Passes. Regular tickets and six-packs on sale July 23.

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Liz in September (Liz en Septiembre)

I’m thrilled we are able to screen Liz in September at this year’s Festival! An atypical love story, the film features stunning scenery, very attractive lead actresses and a plot that simmers with a will-they-or-won’t-they undercurrent of passion. Rounded out by a deep cast of supporting characters that bring warmth and humour, this beautifully-shot feature is a must-see!

– Brigitte, Programming Committee member

Catch Liz in September (Liz en Septiembre):
MON | AUG 17 | 9pm | Cineplex Odeon at International Village | CC
FRI | AUG 21 | 445pm | Cineplex Odeon at International Village | CC

In the Turn

An important and timely film, In the Turn highlights the difficulties of growing up as a transgender girl, the challenges of raising a trans child in a transphobic world, and finding refuge, empowerment and support, in the queer roller derby community. The thing I like most about this film is how it shows the difference parental and community support makes in this young person’s life and her attitude about herself.

– Alex, Programming Committee member

Catch In the Turn:
SAT | AUG 15 | 645pm | SFU GCA | Director Erica Tremblay and stars Crystal + Karen in attendance! | Preceded by Roller Hijinx
THU | AUG 20 | 915pm | SFU GCA

Game Face

Game Face gives viewers a rare and vulnerable look inside the obstacles and flat-out barriers that LGBT athletes must confront in order to have a career in the sports that they love. The narratives of Fallon Fox and Terrence Clemens do more than fulfill an inspirational storyarc that folks have come to expect out of “sports movies.” Their stories are filled with injustice, pain, and love. Viewers don’t have to understand MMA or basketball to relate and open their hearts and minds to these stories, which makes it a fantastic pick for this year’s Festival.

Sarah, Programming Committee member

Catch Game Face:
SUN | AUG 23 | 7pm | Vancouver Playhouse | Director Michiel Thomas  + Star Terrence Clemens in attendance!


I love a smart, irreverent, even outrageous comedy that catches me unexpectedly with poignant, insightful moments. That’s what I got from Guidance. David Gore (played by writer/director/actor Pat Mills) is a horrible example to the students, but he listens, speaks honestly, and cares. The film made me laugh and warmed my heart.

Veronique, Programming Committee member

Catch Guidance:
SAT | AUG 15 | 7pm | Cineplex Odeon at International Village | Director/Writer/Actor Pat Mills in Attendance