We are proud to announce that Out On Screen is now certified as a Living Wage Employer.

At Out On Screen, we strive to practice and our five core values through all parts of our organization so it may guide us in best serving Out On Screen, the Festival, Out in Schools, and the communities we seek to serve.

Our values are Art; Fun & Celebration; Intersectionality, Anti-Oppression & Social Justice; Community Engagement; and Respect & Equitable Inclusion.

You see these values practiced when we screen films, throw parties, or publish accessibility audits on our theatre venues. Sometimes the ways we practice these values aren’t as visible as the films we screen, but it is still important that we share these ways with you so you know how your support shapes our organization and our communities

A living wage is different than a minimum wage. A living wage is an opportunity for employers to do better. A living wage calls on employers to meet a higher standard for both their staff and major contractors, to ensure that wages reflect the true costs of living in a community, and to ensure that parents can earn what they need to support their families. Vancouver is in an affordability crisis and it’s important for Out On Screen, as a community-driven organization, to adjust to this reality and support our staff so they may live with reduced economic barriers. This is one part of what it means to practice Respect & Equitable Inclusion.

To find out more about what being a Living Wage Employer means, visit www.livingwageforfamilies.ca