This letter is written as part of the Letters to the Revolution project, which is an intersectional online platform for inspirational letters to those communities that have been targetted by the Trump administration in the United States.


Hi beautiful people,


We’re writing to you as queers in what is called Canada. It’s still difficult for us to process our feelings in the wake of the election of an American President, Congress, and Senate that has been actively hostile to our communities of loving, beautiful queer, trans and two-spirit people, and communities of colour in particular. It also causes us to pause and reflect on the violence and challenges our communities face every day, here at home.

As queer people, with complex intersecting identities and experiences that defy norms and push humanity towards change, our lives are inherently political. So, when politics happen on the scale and at the exposure they are happening today it affects us in a way that is real and visceral.

So we look for the hope.

Any political movement that looks to the past for its inspiration, will not be a movement for us – for anyone that defiantly and beautifully exists on the margins.The past will never hold hope as hope only exists in a future that we actively protect and nurture.

So we do what we do best – we take care of our own. Chosen families and intentional communities. We love hard. We hold mirrors up for each other so the brightness of our reflections makes it possible to see our lightness, our possibilities, our paths forward together.

Be fierce. Let’s hold ourselves and others accountable but with compassion. Break boundaries and tear down walls even if you aren’t the one being held back by them. Hold space so that those whose identities and very existence are most contested can be themselves completely. Pour ourselves into building the strength, resilience and beauty of our communities, in all their complexities.

We’re still struggling. But we’re also feeling the gravitational pull of love and care for each and every one of you beautiful perfect people in our communities.


Steph & Brandon
Stephanie Goodwin is Executive Director and Brandon Yan is Education Director at Out On Screen.