The Vancouver Queer Film Festival has an ongoing commitment to increase accessibility at our events. Our efforts include providing full accessibility audits for our venues, discounted tickets and passes for underemployed persons, and providing ASL interpretation at select screenings. Find more information about these efforts on our Accessibility page. This year, we are proud to present the following films with ASL interpretation: Portrait of a Serial Monogamist | Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party | The Cult of JT LeRoy

Portrait of a Serial Monogamist


SAT | AUG 15 | 920PM | SFU GCA Christina Zeidler, John Mitchell | Canada | 85 min Fun, frenetic humour runs through this standout Torontonian tribute to lesbian relationship drama as Elsie, a clever, mid-thirties serial monogamist, runs away from yet another relationship—like she always does. But, what if there was a twist to Elsie’s long-standing break-up plan? Co-directors Christina Zeidler (from VQFF’s 2007 Deep Lez Film Craft) and John Mitchell bring us a smart, off-the-cuff lesbian non-rom-com that draws into the folds of the complexity of queer relationships and implores us to question how we love and what we choose to throw away. Rife with a cast of Canadian talent (Diane Flacks, Vag Halen’s Vanessa Dunn, Gavin Crawford and Sabrina Jalees) and showcasing this year’s most affecting lesbian cat funeral, Portrait of a Serial Monogamist is a great date night film, with a stellar soundtrack from Toronto’s queer scene to boot.

Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party

Henry Gamble's Birthday Party

WED | AUG 19 | 715PM | Cineplex Odeon at International Village Stephen Cone | USA | 2015 | 87 min | Canadian premiere. Stephen Cone (The Wise Kids) brings us another smart incisive film full of depth, guilt, pain, and, peace. Traversing the common experience of growing up gay in a home where faith rules, Henry Gamble is turning 17 and his worlds of church, school, adult mentors, family, and youth group are colliding. When Logan, a quiet youth from his church group arrives, Henry is pulled into the awkward longing and distancing that often comes with adolescent desire. A bold and complex image of the inner struggles of those who hold faith, Cone offers a sharp work with believable characters, excellent acting, and the beautiful reminder that “the trouble with growing up is that you are always becoming yourself.”

The Cult of JT LeRoy

The Cult of JT LeRoy

SAT | AUG 22 | 650PM | Cineplex Odeon at International Village Marjorie Sturm | USA | 2014 | 91 min The infamous writer who sparked “the postmodern trial of the century,” JT LeRoy, a 15-year-old trans* sex worker, was hailed for his heart-wrenching novels. Chuck Palahniuk described him as having the “authentic voice of someone who suffers.” Known for his deep shyness, JT LeRoy was encircled by a Warholian world of celebrities including Winona Ryder, Rosario Dawson, Natasha Lyonne, Sandra Bernhard, Gus Van Sant, Shirley Manson, Lou Reed and numerous writers and agents. But, at the peak of JT’s ten-year rise came his fall from grace. Says writer Dennis Cooper in the film, “From the beginning, I thought JT LeRoy was a liar… but I thought I knew when the lies were happening.” Was this the world’s largest literary scandal? Or a profound uncovering of our literary biases? Director Marjorie Sturm crafts a haunting, introspective documentary that questions artistic voice, freedom of speech and how far we will go to achieve our dreams.